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On Feb 24, 2016


Nasibeh Teimouri  &  Zhen Jiang

Presentations Summary

About the Forum

NEPSSS (NEU ECE PhD Student Seminar Series), a forum initiated in 2015 exclusively for ECE Ph.D. candidates. The objective of this seminar series is to foster interactions and collaborations with other research teams, to provide each Doctoral student with a platform to address a wide audience from different expertise and to provide constructive suggestions (from both a faculty bench and the peer graduate audience) on the presentation from various perspectives.


Please give us your comments and suggestion. We welcome volunteering presenters too.


Want to be the next NEPSSS speaker?


September 09, 2015


NEPSSS modifies the session format to include a feedback and comments section at the end in addition to the Q&A section. The faculty bench and the audience would speak out their opinion and the possibilities of improvement in the talk. This new feature would enable the speakers to evaluate their presentation skills and research direction instantly.

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